Are You ready for an intense “getting to know you” session?

  1. This workbook takes 1.5-2 hours to complete but you don’t have to finish it in one sitting! You can save and comeback to it by entering your email, then IMMEDIATELY going to the last page of the workbook and hitting “Send me a copy of my responses” and then SUBMIT. Now you have access to edit your workbook at your leisure

  2. This workbook is best done on a computer because you will be opening multiple tabs (possible to do it on a phone just harder)

  3. Enter your name and email then IMMEDIATELY go to the last page and hit the toggle bar for “Send me a copy of my responses.” After that hit SUBMIT. This is essentially how you save your work as you go along and how you ensure you can work on it later as an editable copy will be emailed to you.

  4. It might be helpful to open a blank document to copy and paste your short answer responses. This will make the final activity a lil easier :)