The Game of Desire

How do I get a copy of the book?

The Game of Desire is sold most places books are sold, CLICK HERE FOR SOME COMMON PLACES. You can support the book in paperback, audiobook or Kindle!

Where can I find the private podcasts and color chart?

Once you’ve ordered the book, go to this page and complete the form. There you will be required to submit your proof of purchase. You will then be emailed the access code to receive the private podcasts! All other preorder perks (phone calls, counseling sessions, vibrating necklace, etc..) are no longer available.

how do I buy the book if i live outside of the USA?

HarperCollins made a list of different international retailers that carry the book, check it out!

Is The Game of Desire only for women ?

The Game of Desire is the story of how one woman (Shan Boodram) set out to teach 6 other women, that attraction was a skill anyone could learn. The information, expert workshops and activities are for everyone, but the stars of the book are women. There are several male experts and of course, men who we interact with. Long story short, I think it’s for everyone but I completely understand if you’d prefer to read a book where some of the main characters are men as well.

Is this book only for straight people?

I believe the information is universal, but I’d describe this book as LGBT+ friendly, not specific. I did my best to keep the language as inclusive as possible, but majority of the women in the book are heterosexual so while you’re reading about the participant’s, heterosexual relationships are predominantly mentioned. We have one queer participant, several queer experts and of course a queer ally/ advocate in me, the author.

I have a book club, do you do guest skype apperances?

Yes! If you have a book club email and I’d love to call or Skype into your meeting to say hello, thank you and offer some conversation starters.