The Game of Desire

Hello there lovers and friends. Can I share a secret?



The story of on-nah & My Introduction to the art of seduction

Anna (inexplicably pronounced On-nah) was thrust into my social circle in the eleventh grade because she was my besties cousin. Aside from the unique pronunciation of her common name, she was nothing stand-out spectacular. She had flat eyes, flat hair, flat style, and the kind of deflated personality you’d expect to find inside such a casing, and yet... she was the object of desire everywhere we went. And I’m not just talking inside of our school, I do mean everywhere. From the mall to the clubs we technically shouldn’t have been in, Anna consistently got singled out and swooped up. Teachers loved her and men within shouting distance, couldn’t get enough of her. It left the rest of our group completely dumbfounded:

What was so attractive about basic-ass Anna?

One notable summer day, our group rounded up enough money to cover the train ride to downtown Toronto, plus tickets to a celebrity basketball game. Keep in mind, we were 17-year-old-suburban Canadians, so the prospect of mingling with American big shots in the big city was a big freaking deal! Leading up to the game, we had conference calls on everything from what we would wear to what we would do if asked to party with the winning team (of course, we would have partied with the losing team...or the water boy). When the day arrived, as planned we all piled into a university gymnasium with our brightly-colored outfits and generously gelled hair. Anna, on the other hand, wore a three-quarter-length brown cotton shirt and dark-washed denim.

The game kicked off and we were a hormonal spectacle of OVER STIMULATION.

Ten minutes after the final buzzer, we hung around tryna get chose! Then, it happened. NBA hall-of-famer Shaquille O’Neal, who had been hanging around as well, stepped towards our section of the bleachers with an intent we all recognized. We gripped one another’s hands and held our breath as he advanced on us.

“Hey. What’s your name?” he yelled once he got as close as he could.

Before she spoke, I’m sure we all collectively answered his question in our heads.

“Anna,” she yelled back.

After their brief exchange we all sat in silence before the boldest of our group thankfully asked what we all had been dying to know for months.

“Anna, what’s the deal? How come every single dude who comes within 50 meters of you has to have you?”

She answered just like this:

“Whenever I see a guy I want or want something from, I just look him in the eyes and picture having sex with him.”

Mind. Blown. Years later, when I immersed myself into learning the art of seduction, I understood why that technique worked so well. Of course the first reason being eye contact, it is the simplest and most effective way to draw someone in but the secret sauce in her technique, was the mind fucking. Studies show that women in heat not only get more attention, but in service industries they earn more tips and garner repeat business. In short, people want to be around horny women. Does that mean we should all go around licking our lips and tossing our hair around like an Herbal Essence commercial? Maybe, but it’s definitely not necessary. When women are aroused their lips darken and swell, their pupils dilate and their breathing becomes deeper. These are all signals that can be picked up by the subconscious mind from across the room or through a photo. So by staring at and sexually fantasizing about her targets, Anna was putting herself in an irresistible state of heat without any of us having the slightest clue.

Because of that day with Shaq I learned two very important lessons. The first?

Seduction is a skill.

The second? Attractive is not an adjective used to describe some, it’s a verb that can be utilized by anyone. Skillful seduction is not a gift bestowed on the beautiful, it’s a series of learned behaviors acquired by the bold. Five years ago, I dedicated my life to becoming apart of the bold, but it would take me years of independent learning and mentor collecting to get there. That is why I wrote The Game of Desire and that is why I’m so confident your life will change once you read it.